Supplier and Contractor Development (SPD)

Welcome to the Supplier and Contractor Development (SPD) page of the National Procurement Commission of Sri Lanka. Our SPD program aims to support the development and capacity building of suppliers and contractors, fostering a competitive and sustainable procurement ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

1. Mission

Our mission is to promote the growth and sustainability of local businesses by providing training, resources, and support to suppliers and contractors, enhancing their ability to participate effectively in procurement opportunities and contribute to national development initiatives.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the SPD program include:

  • Capacity Building: Enhancing the technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills of suppliers and contractors to improve their competitiveness and performance.
  • Access to Information: Providing information and guidance on procurement processes, requirements, and opportunities to facilitate the participation of suppliers and contractors in procurement activities.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Facilitating networking opportunities and partnerships between suppliers, contractors, government agencies, and other stakeholders to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Compliance and Ethics: Promoting compliance with procurement regulations, ethical standards, and sustainability principles among suppliers and contractors to ensure transparency, integrity, and social responsibility in procurement activities.
  • Innovation and Technology Adoption: Encouraging innovation and the adoption of technology solutions among suppliers and contractors to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in procurement delivery.

3. Programs and Activities

The SPD program offers various programs and activities to support the development of suppliers and contractors, including:

  • Training Workshops and Seminars: Capacity building programs covering topics such as procurement processes, contract management, quality assurance, and business development.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: One-on-one support and guidance provided by experienced professionals to help suppliers and contractors address specific challenges and improve their performance.
  • Supplier Forums and Expos: Networking events and exhibitions showcasing products, services, and capabilities of local suppliers and contractors to potential buyers and partners.
  • Certification and Accreditation: Recognition programs and certification schemes to validate the qualifications, capabilities, and standards of suppliers and contractors in meeting procurement requirements.
  • Access to Finance: Facilitating access to financial resources, including loans, grants, and investment opportunities, to support the growth and expansion of suppliers and contractors.

4. Benefits

The SPD program offers the following benefits to suppliers and contractors:

  • Enhanced Competitiveness: Improved skills, knowledge, and resources to compete effectively for procurement contracts and opportunities.
  • Increased Market Access: Exposure to a wider range of procurement opportunities and potential buyers, including government agencies, private sector firms, and international organizations.
  • Business Growth and Sustainability: Support for business development, innovation, and technology adoption to drive growth, diversification, and resilience in challenging market conditions.
  • Improved Compliance and Reputation: Adherence to procurement regulations, ethical standards, and sustainability principles to enhance credibility, trust, and reputation among clients and stakeholders.