Welcome to the Manuals page of the National Procurement Commission of Sri Lanka. This page provides access to various manuals and guidelines developed by the commission to assist stakeholders in understanding and implementing procurement policies and procedures effectively.

1. Procurement Manuals

Our procurement manuals offer comprehensive guidance on the procurement process, covering topics such as:

  • Procurement Planning: Guidelines for assessing procurement needs, developing procurement plans, and setting evaluation criteria.
  • Bidding Procedures: Procedures for conducting competitive bidding processes, including invitation to bid, bid evaluation, and contract award.
  • Contract Management: Guidance on managing contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, including monitoring performance, resolving disputes, and contract closeout.
  • Supplier and Contractor Guidelines: Information for suppliers and contractors on how to participate in procurement opportunities, comply with requirements, and maintain ethical standards.

2. Training Manuals

We offer training manuals to support capacity building and skills development in procurement-related areas, including:

  • Procurement Training Modules: Comprehensive training materials covering fundamental concepts, principles, and practices in public procurement.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Facilitator guides, participant manuals, and presentation slides for conducting workshops and seminars on specific procurement topics.
  • E-Learning Resources: Online training modules, videos, and interactive tutorials to provide flexible and accessible learning opportunities for procurement professionals and stakeholders.

3. Policy Guidelines

Our policy guidelines outline the principles, objectives, and requirements of procurement policies and regulations, including:

  • National Procurement Act: Legislative framework governing public procurement in Sri Lanka, including the powers and responsibilities of the National Procurement Commission.
  • Procurement Policy Guidelines: Detailed guidance documents elaborating on specific aspects of procurement policies, such as sustainability, social responsibility, and electronic procurement.
  • Standard Bidding Documents: Prescribed forms, templates, and contract clauses used in procurement processes to ensure consistency and compliance with legal requirements.

4. Compliance Manuals

Compliance manuals provide guidance on complying with legal and regulatory requirements related to procurement, including:

  • Anti-Corruption Policies: Policies and procedures for preventing, detecting, and reporting corruption and unethical behavior in procurement activities.
  • Conflict of Interest Guidelines: Guidelines for identifying, managing, and disclosing conflicts of interest that may arise in procurement processes.
  • Ethics and Integrity Standards: Standards of conduct and ethical behavior expected of procurement officials, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

5. Accessing Manuals

All manuals and guidelines are available for download in digital format from the National Procurement Commission website. Users can access the manuals free of charge and utilize them for training, reference, and compliance purposes.